Set of seven sessions targeted at resolving symptoms disrupting everyday life:

Run by Dr. F. Bressan, supervision: Dr. M. Palumbo.

The keys to self-esteem

Self-esteem is key to life enjoyment: it allows us to accept and love ourselves and others. It’s a crucial skill that can be improved in the course of a lifetime.

The sessions are intensely focused on:

  1. self-confidence
  2. self-assertion
  3. self-image
  4. the ideal ego
  5. self-knowledge
  6. learning our own emotional language
  7. the courage to be ourselves

Free from the sense of guilt

What is the sense of guilt? – Be ready to let it go – Feelings of guilt and shame – A healthy sense of guilt – Avoiding guilters – Understanding the pathology of feeling guilty – Understanding pathological guilt – Why do we allow others to make us unhappy – Identifying guilt-inducing phrases – Only we can decide whether to be happy or unhappy – We are free and we can choose – The division of responsibility – Selfishness – Feeling guilty is reassuring because it allows us to determine someone else’s happiness. – Sense of guilt and omnipotence.