Dr. Mariolina Palumbo was born in Torre del Greco (NA),on 08 of April 1964.

She obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology on 25.03.1987 from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome with a thesis on childhood asthma and asthma family dynamics; supervisor Lecturer Dr. Marisa Malagoli Togliatti.

She is certified Psychologist.

Her training took place at the Center for Relationship Therapy of Prof. Luigi Cancrini with the Director of Education, Dr. Louis Onnis. In 1987 she started her career as a psychologist in Milan where she worked as Head of Clinical Psychology in the “Nursing Home of St. Pio X,” where she also conducted courses for prophylaxis at birth.

She continued her training with Prof. Piero Parietti, at Riza Institute of Psychosomatic in Milan, where she attended a course on relaxation techniques, something she always applies as part of treatment.

She continued her training with a number of psychological laboratories including the laboratory on the “Psychology of Communication” and “Laboratory for research on narcissism and omnipotence.”

In Milan’s, as part of her career, she worked at the Ergon ltd in the selection and training of company staff. She gained a scholarship at the Children’s Hospital in Milan “Vittore Buzzi” for the construction of a rehabilitation project of the same hospital with the support of OMS.

In 1996 she moved to Rome where she continued her private practice as a Clinical Psychologist working with public and private non-profit organizations and founded the Association Allegra Onlus – Multichannel Service for Adolescent Distress.

Throughn Allegra Association she promoted the project “Together we Turn on Life” for childhood and adolescence cancer. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Health and it took place at the department of Hematology Hospital Bambin Gesu in Rome.

Since 2006 she has being working with the Association Merry Christmas Solidarity and has been rewarded by the Hon. Luciano Ciocchetti, Vice President of the Lazio Region. The work of development, dissemination and promotion of the Association Allegra is a hub of professional activity of Dr. Palumbo, along with the activity of professional practicing in Rome and Milan, with particular attention to issues of family hardship, adolescent distress and protection minors.

Dr. Palumbo Mariolina is well known to the general public for her numerous interviews on the radio and television (Maurizio Costanzo Show, RDS, Radio News 24, Rai Radio 1, Radio Telenova (ed. Pauline), TG1, TG2, La Vita in Diretta, Le amiche del Sabato, Domenica In, Cielo Mattina, Cielo Sky and newspapers such as Gente, Oggi and online publications (including

She has also been responsible for Equal Opportunities of the city of Rome for the Union Center of Hon. Pier Ferdinando Casini.

From November 2011 she has inaugurated the first Centre of Psychology and Contemporary Psychotherapy in Rome.