The couple’s relationship has a profound influence on how we relate to the world, the choices that we make at some important aspects of our lives (work, family and friends), how we deal with the problems and which life path we follow. The couple’s relationship, formalized or not by bond of marriage, is a bond that has a profound impact on our affective – emotional life, daily.

Having an intimate and satisfying relationship with our partner seems to be a universally shared goal. However, love and best intentions are often insufficient to ensure the welfare of the couple. If we do not handle, in a healthy way, our relationship, enhancing the experience of being together and if we do not supervise the directions the bond can take, then the more predictable consequences are misunderstanding, frustration or resentment. Statistics show that divorces are increasing around the world and that conjugal failures and relationship problems often provoque several problems in other aspects of our life.

Couples intervention is usually structured with an initial counseling and followed by the Couple’s Psychotherapy. During the counseling, specific problems of the couple are analyzed in order to build and share useful therapeutic targets to promote the wellbeing of each one within the relationship with each other.

Based on this, it is possible to hypothesize and then start a treatment as to respond to the needs and demands of the couple and address the possible crisis between the partners. Giving to both partners’ new possibilities and opportunities of interaction and interpretations of alternatives to already existing problems as well as communication meetings within the relationship, are some of the treatments.