Our psycho-diagnostic assessments are based on clinical interviews, direct observation and the most accredited national and international psychological tests, including cognitive tests, personality questionnaires, self-reports, and personality tests, such as projective tests and drawing test. The integration of different methods enables us to outline a comprehensive psychological assessment

The use of these techniques and tools allows to learn about the subject’s personality and to identify both dysfunctional and functional aspects of the person. Moreover, this sheds light on available resources and potentialities that can be activated, thus providing valuable indicators to select the most appropriate clinical treatment. The tests are differentiated in: adult, child and teenager tests.

We also conduct neuropsychological assessments to evaluate the presence of cognitive impairment, related to dementia, or other deficiencies relating to the main cognitive functions (memory, attention, concentration and visual-spatial skills).

Evaluations are carried out in the center by Dr. Maria Rosaria Paiano, by appointment.