People with hypochondriasis tend to misinterpret normal body sensations as signs of serious illness. Most people occasionally fear they have an illness, but people with hypochondriasis are preoccupied with their fear.

You can talk about hypochondria, of course, a complete medical evaluation should have ruled out any general medical condition that can fully explain its physical signs or symptoms(though it may sometimes be present concurrently to a general medical condition).

Hypochondriasis, or hypochondria, is a persistent fear of illness despite being reassured by health care providers that you are not ill.

The symptoms of hypochondriasis are due to concerns regarding the following: body functions (eg. heartbeat, perspiration, or peristalsis), minor physical alterations (eg. a small wound or an occasional flu), or vague physical sensations or ambiguous (eg. “tired heart”, “aching veins”).

The person attributes these symptoms or signs to the suspected disease and is very concerned about their meaning and their cause. Concerns may relate to many apparatuses at different times or simultaneously.