The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, known as AIDS, can be considered as one of the most difficult syndromes to deal with. The illness, in fact, compels health practitioners, psychologists, medical doctors to face controversial issues. On the one hand, as the main transmission is of sexual nature, difficulties arise in relation to the proper approach which needs to be free from judgment and prejudice; on the other hand, the social stigma that still affects people with AIDS amplifies the complexities of the situation. In dealing with AIDS and HIV exposition, our service aims to the following:

  • sex education to prevent risky behaviours, provision of accurate information to raise awareness and make conscious choices in the sexual sphere
  • support people living with HIV and full-blown AIDS in dealing with the healing process and managing the social, personal and work stressors linked to their condition
  • support families and other people related to the sick

The service is implemented by Dr. Mariolina Palumbo