The Centre of Modern Psychotherapy aims to:

  • promote a new way of integration between people and their discomfort;
  • make it possible for all users to access all psychological therapies;
  • make the patient active in the development of his course of treatment (assisted by the therapist).

The Centre of Modern Psychotherapy responds to the psychological issues that may arise at any stage during the entire lifecycle. It helps treat a wide variety of contemporary forms of distress (depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders).

The inclusion of the disorder in a specific diagnostic category can give meaning and a name to subjective suffering. The plurality of proposed therapeutic interventions (individual psychotherapy, family, couple and group) is used to establish customized pathways of care based on the specific needs of each individual. The Centre of Modern Psychotherapy provides a method of treatment that includes an integrated care of the person, received in the complexity of his psychological distress.

The integrated approach is made possible by the coordinated work of psychologists and psychotherapists who, through periodic meetings and discussions of case studies, outline the progress and evolution of treatment. The tools of treatment are derived from traditional psychoanalytic readings in the light of the most modern and accredited psychotherapeutic techniques designed to tackle the problems of modern society.



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