Developed by Piero Parietti since the early ’70s, the Imaginative Relaxation is a technique that uses muscle relaxation (relaxation) to produce changes in variables of the “state of consciousness” – understood as the level of supervision appropriate to activate the productive – imaginative individual, in the form of images or mental representations.

According to the context and purpose of operation, production can be induced or evoked by the operator, or arise spontaneously from individual creativity to be self-induced by the subject.

The basic technique consists of three phases described below:

  • Contraction / relaxation waves (C /)
  • Contraction / relaxation imagined (C / a)
  • Body Inventory (CI)

The range of use of this technique is very large, of course, the structure of the technique, although constant in its base, has specific changes in function of operating. As regards the operators of wellness, it is proposed the learning of C / C and / Di (Inventory Body is a private sphere psychotherapeutic mode) of the Health and Technology, an experience to promote image search activators of personal wellbeing.

In the first part is exposed and tested the technique itself, in its various components, only at field of pertinent use to operators of wellness.

At the appendix it is explored the concept of consciousness, in its historical evolution and in the various fields of research, philosophy, neurophysiology, to arrive at the definition of “body schema”.