Dr. Alessio Luciani

Interventions in schools:

  1. Communication (teachers and pupils): the proposed course aims at promoting students and teachers’ awareness of how they communicate, especially in the various contexts in which they live. Students’ attention will be focused on the way they communicate with one another, in particular through their body language and possible reactions.
  2. Awareness of the rules: the proposed course is designed to make students aware of the rule and its importance in society and especially in the school context. The attention of pupils will be focused on the vision of the rule not as a duty but as a right.

III. Bullying prevention-intervention: experiential intervention on the issue of bullying.

  1. Counseling service
  2. School and university guidance: administration and delivery of School and University Orientation Tests with individual interviews
  3. Addiction and drug addiction: the proposed activity will highlight the relationship between addiction and social anxiety as cause of drug addiction and other psychological mechanisms for addictions in general.

VII. Prevention of eating disorders: three meetings on what are the Eating disorders, Eating disorders and society, body and communication

VIII. Parents course: choices of different themes

  1. Integration in a cross-cultural perspective: integration as growth, racism as symptom of discomfort
  2. Emotional education and emotional relationships: the proposed course aims to develop in students a balanced affectivity with their family, peers and with themselves to be expressed at home and in the classroom. The first goal is the recognition of one’s emotions.