The Burnout (which can be translated with synonyms like: burned, done-in, out of), is an emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal de-realization syndrome, which can manifest itself in all those jobs with significant relational implications and that often comes from a deterioration influencing values, dignity, attitude and will of those affected. Unfortunately it is an illness on the raise among high technology countries, and it is symptomatic of the changes in the working world.

It is not easy to recognize this illness, because it is mostly believed to be entirely an individual issue and not coming from within the working environment as a whole. The intervention of a knowledgeable field expert is definitely the most effective method to treat the Burnout Syndrome in order to provide the cognitive tools, to foster greater understanding / awareness of the problem itself, to help understanding the relationship of one’s personal behavior and his/her own experience within life and work, and lastly to change one’s behavior and attitudes consistently with the acquired skills.