The work psychology or organizational psychology is the study of behavior of people in the employment context and in the course of their work in relation to interpersonal relationships, the tasks, rules and operation of the organization.

In other words, the organizational psychology takes the models and theories of psychology and applies them to the workplace, trying to:

  • encourage the maximum welfare for the people who work,
  • encourage the maximum benefit for the organization they work for;
  • improve the psychological condition, motivation and relationships with the
  • interlocutors’role, the company and the work environment, in general.

The organizational psychology, therefore, uses many aspects of organizational and management psychology.

The fields of application of organizational psychology are mainly:

  • personnel management,
  • leadership,
  • selection,
  • evaluation,
  • professional training,
  • communication and relationships,
  • group dynamics,
  • work motivation,
  • reward-punishment system,
  • career development