It is the situation of the new generations’difficulty in carrying out the evolutionary tasks that are required by society for the achievement of personal identity and the acquisition of necessary skills for the satisfactory management of everyday relationships. ”

Adolescence, an age of:

  • Transformation of body from infant to sexualized
  • Transition from family structure (characterized by protection and dependence on  idealized figures) to the social structure (most connected to the group and sexuality)
  • Issues of death (mourning and control)


  • Isolation, apathy, anxiety
  • Conducted self-lesionistic (risky behaviors, eating disorders, drug and alcohol ..)
  • Bullying (victim-perpetrator relationship)
  • Deviance (usually collective violence)
  • Borderline disorder (characterized by impulsivity, angry, feelings of emptiness, tendency to impulsive gestures to ward off by itself , a sense of inadequacy and unhappiness, irritability, “bad mood”. The frustrations, even small ones, leading to exaggerated reactions, all-encompassing).