Stress and anxiety are closely related, that we can consider them as two sides of the same coin: the relationship between the individual / environment is subject to frequent interactions of such stressors, which can cause anxiety as a result. The stressors are environmental elements (defined as situations, experiences or people) that produce stress on the organism facing a growing number of cognitive processing, from which depends largely on the person’s reaction.

The anxiety stems from these elaborations; for example in case the person perceives the danger as real and wants to get rid of it. Stress is essentially the first solicitation that the organism suffers when there is a change in the balance between organism and environment.Anxiety is one of its possible consequences.

Stress can be of two types: eustress or distress.

  • The eustress is essential to life and manifests itself in the form of constructive and interesting environmental stimulations. An example might be a job promotion, which gives responsibility, but is also rewarding.
  • Distress is instead the one that causes great emotional and physical disorders difficult to resolve. An example may be an unexpected dismissal or surgery.